The Best Places to Find Cheap Airfare

Booking flights can be a daunting task, especially on a college student budget. It's all kind of a game of chance, but there are countless theories about when and how to book. Some say the earlier the better, while others rely on last minute price drops. Personally, I've always been a believer in the Tuesday flight price drops, but if you aren't looking to test your luck on any particular theory, there are certain sites that will do some, or all, of the legwork for you. Here's a few that stand out. 


1. Sky Scanner

Sky Scanner stands out for a couple of reasons, but the one that really stands out is the "Everywhere" feature. I could spend hours aimlessly perusing flights with this feature, but it's quite useful in travel planning as well. Once you specify your departure city and dates of travel, Sky Scanner will show you the prices (high to low) of every destination from your city on assorted airlines and airline combinations. Pretty cool, right? Sky Scanner will also send you notifications when flight prices drop if you're not quite ready to book yet. 

2. Student Universe

This one can be a real life saver, specifically for those Spring Break dates that can get a little pricey. Student Universe works with major airlines to provide discounted airfare for students (or those under the age of 26). The way it works is by membership, and verification that you are a young person. This way, they can provide you with exclusive deals and cheap fares. Sound too good to be true? They will also give you 24 hours to cancel. 

3. ITA Matrix Software

This one is admittedly a little less trendy than the latter two, but it does have some features that I've never encountered on other booking sites. This is a software provided by Google, and it is extremely customizable. Once you add your departure and destination cities, it allows you to check off other airports nearby, or ones that may be further away but are also desirable. Additionally, the software allows you to select your flexibility by offering one or two days leeway from your specified dates of travel. Sometimes, you'd never know that leaving a day earlier could save you so much money. The ITA Matrix, like many other sites, compares multiple airlines and airline combinations to find the best deals. 

The last thing to remember is to always, always search for your flights on your browser's "Incognito Mode." This flight theory will save you a lot of money. Happy booking!