airplane essentials

It’s a stomach dropping, fearful, breathtaking, pit in your stomach. It’s your worst nightmare, and you ask yourself over and over again: How could I have done this to myself? You open up the small zipped pocket on your carry-on just to double check that it is true, and it’s in that moment that you realize it is. You left your headphones at home.

Okay, so maybe it was something else like gum or a book, but this nightmare is often people’s reality. And whether you have a 45 minute direct flight or twelve hour flight with a layover, it is miserable to sit in an airplane seat with nothing to do. So without further ado, here are the top ten things I deem as essential for air travel.



1.Headphones (obviously)

I think this one goes without saying. As the above scenario suggests, headphones are kind of a must have for any kind of travel, airplanes especially. Some people use them for noise cancelling, movies, or audio books. I like to play some music to fall asleep to. You can check out some of my playlists on my Spotify!


2.Spotify Premium

Okay, now speaking of Spotify.. it is a subscription service, which means that in order to play songs you choose without ads, and to access your library offline, you have to purchase it. However, even as a “broke college student”, I do highly recommend purchasing their premium services. It’s super cheap for all of the benefits it has!


3.LUSH Cosmetics Toner Water

I’m telling you guys, this stuff is a game changer. I’m a huge Lush fanatic in the first place as it is usually my go to for beauty products, but their toner water is incredible. It’s a little mist spray that can be used after face wash or for a quick refresher during the day. It’s an ideal airplane essential especially due to how dry the cabin can get sometimes. I recommend their Eau Roma Water.


4.Travel Journal & Pen

My travel journal is like my baby I swear. It goes with me everywhere, and I never let it leave my sight. A friend gave it to me, along with a ticket stub journal right before I went out of the country for the first time, and it has been my favorite thing ever since. I have a little routine of putting my ticket stub in the journal right after takeoff and writing a few pages about whatever I was doing in whatever place I was. Don’t forget the pen though! I have had to awkwardly ask flight attendants to borrow theirs one too many times.

5.Passport (+ a cute cover)

Okay, so maybe the passport is the real “essential” here but the covers for them can be totally adorable, too! It’s a good way to be creative with your travel items, and hey, why not personalize when you can?



6.Flannel & Beanie

Airplanes are notoriously freezing. Forgetting a jack is right up there with forgetting headphones if you ask me. Flannels are easy because when you’re not shivering on the plane, you can tie it around your waist (and it actually looks cute!). Beanies keep your head warm, and when your head is warm, the rest of your body tends to follow.


7.Portable charger

This one kind of speaks for itself. Unless you’re on a super fancy plane with outlets, there’s no way to recharge your beloved tech device. So, a portable charger (don’t forget to pre charge it!) is essential.




Okay, just saying, scrunchies are arguably the best invention ever. I’m constantly getting annoyed with my hair in my face, and airplanes tend to make long hair a bit frizzy as well. The thing about normal hair ties is that they leave a mark on your hair when you want to put it back down. Scrunchies? They would never do that to you. Go buy a pack, you won’t regret it.



This one is a little bit of common sense as well. Airplane snacks are pretty low quality, and airport food (even if it is good) is outrageously overpriced. I always bring my own snacks because it makes things so much easier. Just remember not to bring any liquids, or TSA will take it away. :)



Dramamine is my best friends on long road trips, but it also works wonders on airplanes. It gets rid of any motion sickness, but the real winner is the drowsiness side effect. Most of the time, that side effect is pesky, but on a nine hour flight from Paris to Mumbai it’s kind of your best friend. And it really works! (think waking up as the plane hits the ground at your destination.. yep.)

Let me know what your airplane essentials are below!