west hollywood wanderings

yesterday, I decided to take a little diversion from the usual saturday plans. so, naturally instead of spending all my money on acai bowls at sunlife in malibu, i spent all my money at rawberri in west hollywood. now, I have to be honest with you all: I chose this place mostly due to the green palm print I saw in photos tagged here on Instagram, but now that I’ve actually tried their bowls, I have a different stance. this place is absolutely worth the traffic down the 405, and drive down the busy hollywood strip, and I do not take that lightly. it’s located just past all the tourists, so the vibe here is super low key. I mean, how could this place not chill when there are two hanging chairs floating around? oh, and there is a sign that says good vibes as well ;). I could sit in those chairs for hours, reading or writing.

did I mention everything here is vegan? generally, acai/juice places are, but rawberri is super committed to being 100% vegan. they even have a vegan frozen yogurt/ cool whip type dish, which is in the green cup in my photo above! it doesn’t quite taste like anything you’ve likely had before, but the creation is incredible and genius in itself. basically, the food was amazing, and that palm print itself was worth the entire trip.

naturally, I made a day of the whole west hollywood trip with my girlfriends. we spent some time wandering around the Grove with sunglasses over our eyes. I have to admit, I was really playing up the whole Hollywood/LA/Beverly Hills girl aesthetic all day. I think I was kind of going for the Lilly Allen circa 2006 (think The Fear, and Smile) vibe. I walked around with an air of confidence, only bordering on cockiness when I pretended a parking garage red carpet was my personal runway. We drove down Santa Monica Boulevard and 3rd with the windows down in my little red jeep, tried some vegan fonuts, and did a bit of high quality people watching.