street style: a coachella + festival lookbook

gobi, mojave, sahara..


in case you haven’t heard already, this past weekend was weekend one of the annual coachella music and arts festival in the desert town of indio, ca. as far as music festivals go, coachella is the big one. it was certainly big for me at least! i remember idolizing people who went to coachella as a thirteen year old girl in suburban oklahoma. i even tried saving up five dollar bills in a shoebox one year. basically coachella was my dream come true, and with celebrities like gigi hadid and karlie kloss present, the pressure was really on to have the best festival style. festival style is very tricky though, especially being in the desert for three straight days. the air is very dry, and the wind tends to kick sand into your face. jewelry gets all tangled up while you’re bouncing up and down, and then it tends to get a little chilly at night. and although all of these things are quite possibly the best things in the world (because coachella in itself is a little paradise city away from the rest of the world’s negativity), they are not necessarily ideal things when it comes to dressing your best. in other words, minimalism is kind of key. here’s how i did it:


okay let’s be honest. everyone has more energy on day one than on any other day of a festival, and that clearly shows in the progression of outfits. however, each one has little things that stand out. for example, body paint is a clever way to “fake it” with jewelry because it won’t bounce around. i even saw a lot of girls who actually drew necklaces on themselves, and it looked incredibly cute and festival-esque. on day one, i opted for a lunar cycle, and some dutch braids. let me tell you, those braids were a lifesaver. it’s hard to hang out in the sahara tent for more than twenty minutes without sweating and long hair is no help. there are so many cute ways to experiment with braids and updo’s, so go crazy! be creative. so anyways, here are a few more things i consider to be festival proof and chic all in one.


  • floppy hats- because what better way to look cute and beat the sun?

  • overalls- because it’s literally so simple! and you can add a whole lot of personality to them.

  • fanny packs- because being hands-free is major key  at festivals, especially if you like to dance.

  • converse, vans, or keds- because comfort over broken toenails. always.

  • cute sunglasses- because that desert dust will find its way into your eyes if you don't


do you have any other festival style tips or desert fashion must haves? i'd love to hear them!