re: the sweetness of doing nothing

Waking up in Mangalore, India is like waking up and feeling like your dream was real. You know, that really anxiously excited, silently pleading that it was reality feeling. Except we could all do without that horrible realization that it really was, in fact, just a dream. Yeah, that's mangalore for me. Everybody has their ideal place, their dreamland. This is mine. The first thing you see is this luscious landscape of palm trees, fresh fruit, and endless tree-lined hills in the distance.

Mangalore is beautiful just from this impersonal, distant shot but there's also so much more to it. The personal elements make an aesthetically beautiful place feel like home. Peacocks run around by the swimming pool (probably trying to run away from the ferocious rottweiler puppies). Cows and calves are at one end of the farm, but at the sixty foot blue lake on the other end it's a completely different peaceful, silent world. Now, I love a good adventure, and when all is said and done wading through ankle deep water in mayapur is my kind of paradise, but there is something to be said about "the sweetness of doing nothing."  So this morning I woke up smiling, and was kissed by the sunshine peaking in through wooden panels. I gazed at palm trees while combing Brazilian nut extract through my happy hair. I walked out from my room and was truly served the breakfast (more like brunch considering i woke up at the lovely hour of noon) of a princess. Not one second after I sat down a cup of fresh moshambi juice appeared, and before i could even blink three different people were at my side tossing dosa, chutney, sandwiches, papaya and some very sweet treat I could not identify onto my plate.

The hospitality here is something you have to get used to. Although I do like being waited on every once and a while, I've found my peace sitting on a swing outside, writing this, and eating a guava.