leaving los angeles, seeing seattle

there's something about taking off from an airport. on the ground and quickly moving, i can't tear my eyes away from the window. in the seconds before the plane leaves the ground, a sense of exhilaration envelops my whole little body, not unlike an adrenaline rush. but it’s something different entirely. as the last inch of aircraft peels off the runway, and the entire airplane shoots into the air the only word i can use to describe the sensation is relief.

relief. not necessarily from leaving a certain place, but from the act of leaving itself. there’s some inexplicably relaxing about seeing los angeles slowly shrink behind me, as vampire weekend blasts in my ears and i sit still. and there’s something refreshing about tiny evergreen trees growing bigger and bigger and raindrops forming on oval shaped windows as the airplane touches down in seattle.

seattle is a place i never get sick of visiting, even if i get re-addicted to coffee and spend all my money on expensive vegan food every time. i love it, i can’t help myself. seattle in the fall is a rainy walk down fall-colored streets, and leaves sticking to the bottom of my longboard as i realize it is too cold for birkenstocks. the overcast days spent sitting in a coffee shop window on pike street are what i long for after a southern california summer that overstayed its welcome by a few months.


from climbing around beach rocks in a bikini to walking wide-eyed through capitol hill and downtown seattle with my hood up; change is something we all need. just to appreciate what is at home, if not for any other reason. but seattle for me is an awakening. it is a constant reminder that things bigger than my small sphere of living exist. brightly colored autumn leaves fall to the ground and rain comes from the sky. people wear more layers; boots, scarves, flannels. and people go on with their lives in a completely different way. and as a traveler with a knack for adaptation, i can be a part of that for a little while. it’s refreshing, relaxing. relieving, really.